Friday, May 30, 2014

Getting in shape update...

I have been doing a lot more walking lately. I haven't broken into my DVD library to work out, but honestly I am getting a great workout just being active.

We live in an area where everything is within walking distance. Instead of hopping into the car to go get diapers, I am walking to the Walgreen's on the corner. Yesterday the truck needed some work, so I dropped it off and walked home with the girls.

In summer's past, I would be too exhausted or get home too late to head to our complex pool. Yesterday, even after all the activity, we took the girls to the pool. It was fantastic.

So what is this doing for me physically?

I feel everything tightening up. I am not losing a bunch of weight, but my clothes are fitting differently. I can actually bend down to tie my shoes. My stomach is getting smaller and I feel my sides becoming more defined. The swelling in my legs is also going down a ton, despite the weather heating up.

I do hope to add some DVD's to my life, but for now I am working on staying active throughout the day. To have fun with my kids and keep Hubby moving.

Speaking of Hubby. He is pooped. He has been working some extra hours to make up for the holiday. He will run around with the girls at night and help get dinner together. Last night he was so tired, he fell asleep on the couch before 10:00 P.M. Poor guy.

One more thing to add, I am back on my supplements and Metformin (for PCOS). I notice when I skip a day, I feel like I can barely lift my head. I take: Iron pills, Biotin, Vitamin D, Calcium, B-complex. I will add a multi-vitamin in a few weeks. I notice if I start them all at once, I am really nauseous. For now, they are working and I can see and feel a difference.

That's the update for now.