Friday, May 23, 2014

Returning to a simpler time...a sign of success.

How do you rate success? Is it the amount of money in the bank? The size of your house? How fancy and new your car is? Or is it much more simple?

I used to rate my success on owning a house, driving a nice car, having a great paying job. But then I realized that my life was empty. I had my kids, but I never saw them. I rarely got to see my mom and step-dad, let alone the family living out of town. I was extremely unhappy. Panic attacks ruled my life. The little time I had was spent trying to sleep (which only happened with sleeping pills).

I decided to reflect on what was really important to me. I decided what I really wanted was to return to a more simple time in life. One where entertainment didn't consist of sitting in front of the TV, but taking a walk with a loved one.

Growing up, life was always outdoors. We rode horses. Rode our bikes. Had campfires and went camping. I used to sit for hours on the hill of our family farm, picking petals off of flowers and watching the clouds go by. Sure I have some memories of watching TV with my parents, but the ones I cherish most are the times spent WITH them dancing and singing during music night.

Just because our society has become one of excess and running from soccer practice to ballet recitals, doesn't mean we HAVE to live this way. You may say, "But I like living that way". I will then ask, are you happy? Are your kids really happy? Are you sleeping well? Do you struggle to find time to do the things you have to do? It might be time to simplify your life.

It is funny, the other day I was sitting out on the balcony roasting marshmallows on the grill. Hubby came out and we chatted for a minute when he decided to go in and get something to drink. He didn't come back out. I was really disappointed. I want to have these moments and my family is so conditioned to watching TV, playing on our Kindles or phones. We are so antisocial. It is time to return to the times when it is more important to communicate. Play games with each other. Interact.

So this is another goal I have, return to a simpler time. Spend more time together doing simple things. Teach the girls to play cards. I remember playing cards with my Grandma for hours and hours. Having real tea parties and talking about our goals in life. I don't want my kids learning life's lessons from Dora, I want them learning them from my Hubby and I.

Tell me in the comment section below, do you want to return to a simpler time? Do you find yourself overwhelmed? What things did you do as a child, that you wish you were doing with your kids. I want to hear from you.