Thursday, May 8, 2014

Weight Loss Journey

It is very difficult to lose weight and get in shape when you are tied to a desk for 8-10 hours a day. Research shows that even an hour workout at the gym every day does not undo what those hours does to your body.

I was at my thinnest when I was home with my girls (during my maternity leave). I was active, cleaning, walking, playing. Being at a desk all day was nearly the death of me. No more. Now that I am home, I am very active. Yes, I do have my T.V. time. My cuddle time. Yes, even nap time. But the majority of my day is cleaning and organizing and being interactive with my girls.  After just a few days of being home I am already down a few pounds.

This week I am focusing on doing a deep cleaning on my house. Starting next week I will start doing Walk Away the Pounds by Leslie Sansone. I will then alternate each week with a different video. So look for future postings about my get in shape routine. I will post weekly weigh in's then monthly picture updates.

One more thing I want to add is that when I worked at a desk all day, I snacked all day long. I constantly had to be munching on something. I tried to do fruit, nuts, veggies, but chips and chocolate always snuck their way in too. I ate way too much and got nearly zero exercise. This new way of life will be great!

For those of you stuck at a desk all day, here is some good info to help undo some of those hours: