Monday, June 2, 2014

Feeling blessed...on the right path.

I know I keep saying that we have learned so much and grown up so much since last year. We have though! Hubby had a job last year that paid commission and they said they would pay once the claims paid. This usually happens 6-9 months after the item was processed. He was laid off after his 3 month stint. We never expected to see a penny of the money that he should have gotten. What have we gotten for the past few months? His commissions.

A year ago, we would have blown all of the money. I truly believe God held onto that money until we could better handle it. No more is the blowing it on dinners out. No more is the reckless habits. What did we do with this months check (we don't really expect them or plan on them so it is nice to get them). We paid off debt. We paid bills.

We sit here with our baby step one complete. We are working on our baby step two. We are doing this.

I believe if you are on the right path, life will give you good things. If you are on the wrong path, life will be hard, it will fight against you. To feel that we are finally on the right path is the best feeling in the world.

Do I still have my moments when I freak out and wonder if we are doing the right thing? Yes. But then something happens to prove I am doing the right thing.

I feel so blessed to have such supportive family and friends. I didn't tell you, but I finally told my parents about our new life. I was terrified. I told my mom on Mother's day. We cried and I felt so much support and love. In the past, I have always felt that I was being judged. That my choices were wrong. And they were. They were wrong. But the only thing I got from my mom was LOVE.

I left it to my mom to tell my step-dad. I was terrified. But once again I was pleasantly surprised by the outpouring of support. He asked his questions, but none of them were judgmental. All of them were caring and supportive. They told me that I seam so much more relaxed.

The growth I have gone through the past year has done wonders on my relationship with my parents. We had some horrible times, I will not lie. But it was because I could not see that they were doing what they needed to do. I was selfish and far from supportive. Now I see. Now I know what it is like to make the hard choices. To make choices that do not make everyone happy.

Now I see my family moving into a new part of our lives. I see us moving to a place where we can one day buy our own house. To have money in the bank and no debt. I see my parents moving into a great place too! I am so proud of them. So proud of myself. So proud of my Husband. He had come so far, you have no idea. Thank you Hubby. I love you.