Wednesday, May 28, 2014

How do you handle your frustrations...

Expectations. We all have them. We all find ourselves having our expectations exceed what actually presents itself. So how do we handle the frustration that you have over someone or something falling short of your expectation.

I am a perfectionist. Yes I said it. Once you have kids you realize that you have to lower your expectations when it comes to keeping a clean house, or having everything turn out perfectly. But how do you handle the times when you really think things should be a certain way and then it seems like everyone and everything works against you.

Lets say that you work all day to get the house clean and within 10 minutes of the family getting home, things are destroyed. No one seems to care about the things around them. They throw a wrapper on the floor. They leave drink cups for days, if you don't remind them to put them in the sink.

Trust me, I try. I try to guide them to do the right things. I try to develop in them a sense of pride in the things they have and the home they live. But for some reason it all falls on deaf ears.

I do have to say that Hubby is getting better. He reads my frustration and then takes some action, but to me that is a little too late. I hate that I feel that way. But I wish that my family had the same sense of urgency that I do. I have the belief that if you put things away as you go, you don't have to get overwhelmed cleaning the whole house.

Frustrations aren't all house work related. What about people just not taking other's feelings into consideration. We were on the way home from my parents last night when we stopped for gas. I ran in and got some drinks for everyone. Hubby made the comment that I am Miss Considerate. I asked why? He said that I always think of others, that getting drinks for the whole car was very considerate. I wouldn't just go in and get something just for myself. Would you?

Why is everyone so into themselves these days? When I was younger I was taught to be kind, courteous and show love. When you have people over, you always ask them if they would like some refreshments. When I go over to my friends house today, I have to bring my own drinks. How is that for southern hospitality?

When you are stuck in traffic, do you let someone merge in? Or do you speed up and make the get in behind you? Do you spend the rest of the drive angry that they dared cut in? I have learned that if I let them in, I spend the rest of the time feeling good about myself. But I do get mad when people are not considerate and let me in.

So how do you handle your frustrations? Are you a considerate person? Do you do for other's without having to be begged, or pestered until you do? Do you eat the last granola bar out of the box, or do you save it for your kids lunch the next day?

I ask everyone to help return us to a simpler time. Return to the time when you welcomed people with a nice cold lemonade and a cookie. Invite people for dinner and don't ask then to bring their own drinks. Let someone in the next time you are stuck in traffic. Clean the kitchen for your wife before she even thinks it needs to be done. Surprise someone by paying for the person behind you in line. Just an idea.