Monday, March 31, 2014

Lets get this show on the road...eating better

For awhile, we have been eating better. We do not eat out but once a week. However, this past week I must admit I ate out for lunch a few times. This made me swell up like a balloon, when combined with the warmer temperatures. So back to eating better for next week.

At the end of the month I work horribly long hours. On the first my company feed us and it is usually very fattening and high in carbs. I refuse to do that to my body again this month. I decided to make a big batch of chicken tortilla soup. Well, really it doesn't need the tortillas, it is that good. I plan to use this soup for lunches this week, for my hubby and I. Great way to have a healthy meal that tastes good too.

Since it is month end week (beginning of the month really), I have to have meals that hubby can make. This means it is Taco's, Spaghetti, crock pot things and left overs. He had a special request for Chili. So tomorrow I will make a batch of chili. Since I have the soup too, I will probably end up freezing half of the chili to eat at a later date.

You may look at the menu below and say, wow...those aren't particularly healthy food options. But when you compare home made tacos to Taco Bell. Or Chili instead of Mc Donald's, we are doing pretty good.

I do want to say that I am proud of us last week for one thing. Normally our eat out night is Friday. We ended up eating out on Thursday instead. The old me would have gone ahead and eaten out again on Friday, because after all it is Fast Food Friday. Nope. I did good. I put a batch of spaghetti sauce in the crock pot and it was ready for dinner that night. Now if only I hadn't eaten out three times last week for lunch, I would have been much better off.

Here is our menu plan for the week.

Menu for the week:
Sunday - Pork Ribs, fried potatoes, peas and corn.
Monday - Chili
Tuesday - Left overs
Wednesday - Taco's (normally Taco night is on Tuesday or Thursday. I work late Tuesday so we are doing it a day later)
Thursday - Spaghetti night - again a day later than normal
Friday - Home made pizzas!

Lunches - I made a big batch of chicken tortilla soup. I will post the recipe later. It is so easy and so very addicting. It is very health too.
Sarah will have sandwiches, apples and carrots.