Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Work Life Balance - Tag Your In

The past year my husband has been the Dad, Mom, and everything to our girls. I have been working copious amount of hours. With hubby back at work, I am finally able to spend some time with the family.

When you are distanced from your kids, all you want is to be with them. You miss them and each minute is precious. You have lots of hugs and kisses when you are around. You get to spend special time reading with them, taking them to a movie, in general be the fun parent. All you want to do is be with them.

The parent who is home with them is WITH them all the time. They are the ones to change their poopy diapers. They have to deal with your 6 year old who thinks she is a teenager. The 2 year old runs the parent ragged, getting into everything including things you didn't know you had.

Since we are both working now, we are trying to find a balance between who does what and how to balance it with working. When one of the children is sick, it is no longer a given that the stay at home parent will be able to watch them. You have to bargain and weigh which person will be least affected by having to stay home.

Nolen stayed home yesterday since the schools were closed due to ice. I went to work because it was the one day a month I HAD to be there. We now have a sick child, so tomorrow I have to stay home while he goes to work. This throws a wrench into our finances, as now I won't get paid overtime for my long day on Monday. But Nolen cannot miss work again, since he is new at this job and does not get PTO (Paid Time Off).

Balance. It sucks sometimes. But you do what you do and move on.

I do have to say, over the past year I have hated going to work when one of my kids was sick. I wanted to be the mommy and cuddle and take care of them. Now I get that chance. You cannot have it all...but what you do have can be pretty darn sweet.