Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Exercise - You do what you can...

Last night I worked until midnight (a 15 hour day). The plan was for me to go into work today and leave by 4:00 so that I could get in a workout before heading home for dinner with the family. I would miss my normal 6:00 aqua fit class, but I figured I could swim some laps. Today was a lesson that we need to be flexible with our schedules, as we know anything can and will happen.

Yesterday we had an ice storm that closed the schools, so Nolen had to stay home with the girls. I HAD to go into work since it was the one day a month where you have to be dead to miss. Today we were back at work and had our plan. Or so we thought. I was in the groove, doing work that I love when I get a phone call from Nolen saying that Bekah is sick and she needs to be picked up from school.

Since he missed work yesterday, I had to be the one to go pick her up.No workout for me. Why is it that when ever I start to get back into a rhythm, something blows it into smithereens? I assume it happens to everyone. You get going on a diet, then your work has an impromptu Potluck. You work a really long day and hope to have overtime, then the next day your child gets sick and you have to keep her home. You work hard to train for a marathon and you break your leg.

The moral of the story is to be flexible. Don't give up because of one set back. These setbacks are there for a reason. They teach you that nothing is perfect. There is no RIGHT time to lose weight, move across country, have a baby. You just do it and pray for the best.

What did I do to help get some exercise in? I did some laundry. Picked up the house a bit. Most of all, I will not feel like a failure. I will get back into the gym on Thursday. I will not let this set me back.

Comment on this post, things that have set you back. What have you done to get past it? Do you need some motivation to get back to working toward your goals? Let me know.