Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Finding Work/Life Balance - What about your dreams?

How does finding your dream, following your dream, and living your dream go along with finding a work/life balance?

Since I can remember I have wanted to be a mom. I wanted to have a huge family (I have 4 siblings, two more that I "claim" as siblings.)  I have two beautiful girls. I am so very lucky to have them.It took a long time to have this small family of mine, but they are all mine. I wish that it could have come easier and I had that huge family, but I am so very grateful for having my girls, when so many people aren't able to have even one.

Another of my dreams was to be an actress/singer. In fact, I earned an acting scholarship my freshman year of college. My step-dad always told me that I should either be an actress or a lawyer. He was probably right. Every time I see a great acting or signing performance, I am brought to tears. I am in awe of their talent and also because they are getting to fulfill that dream. It is always in the back of my mind that I should join a local acting group. I would love to find balance in my work/life so that I could do so.

Along with the previous two dreams, I wanted to be a teacher. I changed my major from acting to teaching, hoping I could combine the two. Alas, life got the best of me and I ended up getting my degree in History and Anthropology. My intention was to go back and get a Master's in Education. I ended up spending most of my time and money trying to accomplish goal number 1. As far as becoming a teacher, I am a "corporate" trainer. It took me a long time to get there, but I am teaching in a way. I love my job, but I would much rather be teaching children than adults. Because of this, I want so badly to be able to go back to school and become certified to teach. This also cannot happen, until I am able to get my life back on track.

I will not give up on my dreams. I don't want you to give up on yours. Just because you aren't able to do what you want NOW, doesn't mean that it will NEVER happen.

I hope you share your dreams and what you have done to move toward them. I would love to hear from you.