Thursday, March 20, 2014


I have been working on our budget to attain certain goals this year. I thought I would share them with you and when we hope to attain them.

Financial Goals
Short term goals:
1. Get current on all bills - June 2014
2. Reach baby step one of $1000 emergency fund - October 2014
3. Move into a rental house - October 2014 (First and last months along with $800 toward moving expenses)
4. After that 1/2 of our "extra money" a month will go toward a car fund to replace my 16 year old truck and Nolen's 10 year old car. We will still buy used, but will upgrade a little.
5. The other half will go toward debt repayment (getting student loans paid off as fast as we can)

Long term goals:
1. Have my student loans paid off in two and a half years.
2. Pay off Nolen's school loans in 5 years.
3. Save for a house using the principals of Dave Ramsey. 20% down and no more than 25% of our take home pay, and a 15 year mortgage. Prefer to buy in three to four years.

Health Goals

1. Lose 5 pounds a month. I have PCOS and it is very difficult to lose weight. I am trying to be realistic here. With all the stress of our financial goals, I would love to lose 5 pounds a month. I think it is very doable and yet would work toward accomplishing my end goal.

2. Work out: I will start out going to the gym once a week for two weeks. Then two times a week for three weeks. Then three times a week for four weeks. I will work my way up to 5 times a week. I was having a problem starting right out and doing 3-5 times a week, while working so hard on acclimating to Nolen working again. We need to get our home routine worked out first.

3. Eat home cooked/made meals all but one meal a week. This one we are doing for the most part. It was a hard transition, but one that I feel really good about. The slow cooker has helped a ton!

Family Goals

1. Do one family oriented "date" a month. This can be as simple as having a picnic at the lake. If we have a little splurge money we could go to the zoo. Anything that gets us out of the house to do something that is not related to shopping or errands. We have been through so much, we need to come together as a family. I would love to go camping.

2. Have one date night with Hubby. We have become zombies and doing what needed to be done. We need to rekindle the part of our relationships that is in desperate need of attention.

3. Have a Sunday Dinner once a month with the grandparents (my parents)

4. Go to see Nolen's Dad/step mom once a month.

It seems like a lot, but if we divide it up we will be doing one family goal a week. That isn't too bad.

So there you have it! our goals so far.