Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Come Exercise with Me

I am extremely overweight at the moment. It is difficult to walk. Barely possible to tie my shoes. The stress of the past year has made me become a hermit who doesn't want to do anything. One of my goals to succeeding in life, is to get physically fit.

I love Aqua Fit. My instructor is fantastic. She is tough, but also compassionate. Last week I went back to class after 9 months and she remembered me and welcomed me back by name. I don't want you to think the class is full of old ladies. Granted, most of them are my age or older, but dang these ladies can move. Aqua fit is tough. We have had guys come in and do the class and they leave huffing and puffing. I love it!

Did I say that I love it?

So why did I stop going for nearly 9 months. I was working so much that I couldn't get to the classes on time. Saturday's I was so tired that I would sleep until noon  to catch up from so little sleep the week before. The gym was my last priority.

No longer! I went into my boss at work and told her that I needed to leave at 5:00 every day. This will allow me to eat with my family three nights a week (not including weekends) and go to the gym on Tuesday and Thursday nights (along with Saturday mornings). The nights I do Aqua Fit I will get home before bed time, so I can still read the girls a book and cuddle.


One other "excuse" to not go to the gym was guilt. I felt bad that I would be having "me" time when hubby didn't. I came up with a great plan this weekend. I will go to the gym for my me time three times a week. He will get every other Saturday to go "Gaming" with his friends for the day. Its a great solution for us to have some fun but not feel guilty about it.

No more excuses. No more guilt. Aqua fit here I come!