Sunday, March 9, 2014

Couponing - It is all about being prepared.


I had to go to Target to get a new litter box and a few other items. I went with my general list of what I needed this week. However, I did not have time to do my normal thing. That thing being, have a list specific to that store with the coupons listed out and organized. I went with the hope that I could wing it.

No, I cannot wing it. I end up spending an hour and a half after work, when I wanted to spend 20 minutes tops. I kept flipping between coupon pages in my binder, my Cartwheel App and the coupons on my phone. I got a few items on the list, but I should have been able to do better. I know that I didn't save all that I could, and I still have 3/4 of my list that I need to get.

This past week I was busy that I didn't have time to do my normal thing and it cost me money. I usually do my organization on Sunday. I do an Excel spreadsheet listing the different sales specials for each store and match up coupons. Then based on my list, I figure out where I am going shopping.

Instead of taking the day to rest on the couch and coupon, I ended up spending most of the day cleaning and organizing the house. This had to be done. We have lived in such disarray the past year, that I had enough.

I would normally go ahead and do it on Monday, if I was too busy on the weekend. This was month end week at work, so I worked a 15 hour day. I got to work at 9am and didn't get home until midnight. We only get a 1/2hour break with the rest of the time working, working and more working. So no couponing for me.

Tuesday I went to work and ended up leaving early to take care of a sick child. Both kids were wired and cranky and very demanding. So no couponing for me.

Wednesday, my youngest was still sick, so I stayed home with her. I should have sat and organized my stuff, but ended up cleaning the carpets and finishing laundry. I knew that my mom would have to come and watch my youngest for me the next day. There was no way I was going to let her see my living room carpets. Holy post party stains, Batman. I thought that I could lay down for a few minutes during her nap to rest, then get organized for my shopping. She had other plans which involved only taking a 45 minute nap. Then it was time to pick up her sister from school. Day over.

So there I was Thursday night at Target. Flailing around like a fish out of water. Jumping from aisle to aisle. I should have just gotten the one cat box and been on my way. I should not have attempted to get anything else. Next time, I will make sure to go with a plan. Have my list with the coupons organized and know what I am doing.

This week was a fail, but that you learn from your mistakes and do better next time. We are not perfect.


I stayed up after the family had gone to bed Friday night. I refused to give up on this weeks great deals. So here is what I was able to do with some planning:

Grocery shopping and household shopping done. I spent $190.19. I had a savings of (not including sales prices) 83.28.

Kroger: 112.83 total saved 28.20 or 20%
rotisserie chicken, bag of Frito Lay Chips (12 ct?), 2 loaves bread, 3.29lbs grapes, 3lb bag organic gala apples, 5 HUGE potatoes, 3/4 boars head salami from deli, blueberries, lettuce, celery, 2.33lb bananas, 4 cans del monte diced tom's, daisy sour cream (8oz), 40 oz bisquick, sunbelt granola bars, 5 pk Kraft mac n cheese, large can bush's baked beans, 2 containers Hillshire farms lunchmeat, 2 cans peas, 4 cans tuna, 2 chicken breast on bone, 4 leg/thigh quarters, 2 pkg jimmy dean Italian sausages, full rack pork ribs, Oscar Meyer center cut bacon, chuck roast, 1/2 gallon organic milk.

Walgreens: 41.57 total saved 30.64 plus earned 5000 bonus reward and $2 register rewards.
three boxes cereal, two jugs of Tide,
Mucinex night time 20ct
3 bags of easter candy
small dawn
6 county bounty paper towels
6 count Charmin double roll

target: 35.79 saved 24.74
2 pledge allergen relief 9.07 oz
cascade platinum 42 ct
bounty 12 count select a size
downy (140 load)
bottled water 24 count

What do you think?