Sunday, June 29, 2014

Leftovers - from terror to terrific

I hate leftovers. I really do not like eating something two meals or two days in a row. Unless it is cold pizza. How can you not eat cold pizza!

In trying to cut the budget, I have realized that the best thing that I can do is embrace leftovers. I found that as long as I can turn the leftovers into something new, I am more than happy to eat it.

Adventures in Pulled Pork
I was able to get pork butt on sale for $8.88, regularly $21.94. I knew I liked pulled pork, but I was uncertain the family would eat it. I figured if the experiment was a failure, we were only out the $8.88 instead of the $21.94. Luckily the family loved pulled pork sandwiches, but what to do with the huge amount of pulled pork left over? You can only eat so many sandwiches!

On the internet I went, searching for things to do with pulled pork. I came across a recipe for Pulled Pork Enchiladas. I am not a huge fan of enchiladas, but my hubby loves them. Since, I made him try one of my favorites, I thought it was only fair for me to try one of his.

I received a lot of Anaheim peppers in my Bountiful Basket order this week, so I thought it would be a good chance for me to try to make my own green chili sauce. I found an easy recipe online and went to making the sauce to use while making the enchiladas. Note to future self, use gloves while handling hot peppers. My hands burned a bit for a few hours after making the sauce.

I want to say that the enchilada's were fantastic. Hubby approved wholeheartedly and we were able to use up some of the remaining pulled pork. I did end up putting some of the roasted peppers I did not use, in the freezer for the future. Once I portioned out the amount of pork needed for the enchilada recipe, I did end up freezing the rest. So I am all set to make another batch of this yummy dinner in the future.

I had such a great time finding a use for leftovers, that I am going to make this a new goal of mine. I am not going to be afraid to try new recipes. I will EMBRACE leftovers and make new things out of them. I want to make sure we are not wasting food. It is not cheap! So come along with me in future posts to see what I can come up with for leftovers. If you have any great ideas for leftovers, send them my way!

Links to recipes used: (note: in the green chili sauce recipe, I substituted cumin for the coriander)