Monday, June 16, 2014

It has been a tough month.

This month has been hard. We have had a lot of things come up that have tested us.

First off, we had to get the truck repaired. I will say this happened the last day of May. Sarah's last day of school. It cost us over $500 to get it fixed. I have said though, I would much rather pay $500 once or twice a year on car repairs, than $500 every month on a car payment. While fixing the truck wasn't what we wanted to do, we were ABLE to do it. We had the money.

A good thing that happened was paying off a rather large bill that had been hanging over our head. We were able to pay off the last $965 of it. This was huge since we also had to pay for the truck repairs. So again, I think this was a huge sign of success for us.

One huge test was something that happened where someone wasn't on top of things and didn't do what was needed. This cost us an additional $293 this month, that we did not plan on. This one hurts, because it was out of negligence/laziness and not something that was just unfortunate. This event is a huge life lesson. Do not let things slide. Do not feel that you have one more day. You don't. DO IT NOW. Love Now. Play Now. Talk Now. Do the adult things that you have to do and you won't have to face the consequences.

Another thing that happened this month was my oldest turned 7. This is so hard for me. My baby is growing up before my eyes. I am proud that I was able to give her a good little birthday. We kept it simple, inviting my parents and having cake and opening gifts. Part of me felt really bad that we didn't have this huge affair. I felt bad that the air conditioner decided to break so it was sweltering during her party. But I do have to say that I feel good that this was the first year I didn't stress over having enough money to buy her a few gifts. I felt great that I stayed within budget and it didn't "hurt" our bottom line. So really the only emotion was some Momma sadness over her baby getting older.

One more thing. I am starting to focus on my health now that I am acclimated to being a stay at home mom. I am back on my medication for PCOS. On the downside is that it makes me severely ill for two weeks, while my body adjusts to it. I am nauseous all the time. I feel like I have been hit by a Mac truck. I hate it. In the past, I would take it for a few days and give up. But with my goal of losing weight, I HAVE to be on this medication. To attain my goal of becoming a healthy active person, I have to get through this. I HATE IT. I hate being sick. So far I have almost a week down, so I need to keep going. I can do this!

The month is only half over and I feel like this month has sent us through so many tests. I feel we are passing them pretty darn well. I feel more confident with my choice to stay home every day. But I need these tests to stop. Ok?!?!?  Thank you God for showing me the path, but can I have a little peace for a fraction of a second?