Friday, February 28, 2014

Weigh In - the reality of the scale

One of the things we are struggling with (Nolen and I) is our weight. We have always been overweight (well at least since high school), it has gotten worse throughout the years.

Since high school I have gone from 195 up to 270 and everywhere in between. After I had my second child I was able to get down to 200 pounds and felt great. I still needed to lose about another 30 pounds, but I was feeling wonderful. I was eating well, working out and happy.

Then the world exploded on me. Nolen lost his job. I stopped breastfeeding my baby. My parents had to sell their house. I went from 200 to 270 from October 2012 to now. It is beyond my comprehension that I have let it get this out of control.

My goal is to lose two pounds a week and by October I should be down to my goal of about 170.

I will be posting once a week my struggles, successes and progress in this part of my journey.

This week I have the goal to go to the gym three days. I will also eat a healthy breakfast every day and drink 8 glasses of water a day. I am not trying to "do it all". I am trying to do things in a reasonable way. With all the other changes in my life I couldn't handle it all at once.

So there is my reality all out there for you to read. With Hope, Faith and Belief in God, I know I can do this.