Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Day One of No Thrills July

June was a very expensive month, with car repairs, A/C problems, a birthday, anniversary and an unexpected expense that put us over the edge. To bounce back, we have decided to have a No Frills July.

What does a No Frills July consist of? We will be sticking to a very strict budget. We will not be doing any things for entertainment that costs us money. We will not eat out at all, not even a quick trip to Mc Donald's. We will not purchase clothes or toys or magazines. The only things we will buy is food to cook at home, gas for the cars and pay the bills. Every left over penny will go directly into savings, to rebuild our emergency fund.

I will be taking the girls to see my sister later this month, so that will be a little expense that is beyond our normal budget. But I will be doing a blog post on how we will/did do it without spending too much.

Of course there is part of me that wishes I had gone to see the new Transformers movie this past weekend. But in reality, I can wait it out and it will either still be in the theater in August (cheap theater anyone.) I can always wait for it to come out on DVD or Netflix. I am not going to die without seeing my beloved Markie Mark. Well maybe, but I will have to risk it.

Leftovers will become my friend and I will work hard to re-invent them. I will eat the food I have hiding in the back of my pantry and freezer. The grocery budget will be a strict $100 a week, including household supplies.

This month will serve as a reboot for a budget that got out of control. It will be hard, but I hope by coming on here and sharing my daily trials and tribulations, I can make it.

Today's task: Create detailed budget for the month.