Sunday, April 12, 2015

Will it be a tough week? Or smooth as silk?

This is the first full week of me working part time. Is it going to go smoothly? Will it be filled with happiness? Or will things fall apart?

Hubby has to take over some of the cooking and night time activities. He already does baths, so that is not an issue, but cooking and homework often throws him for a loop.

In the past, when I worked through dinner, he would just get fast food. This is not an option for us anymore. He has to cook. I am going to work to save money, not have it all go back out the "drive-thru window."

To try to make things run smoothly, I am creating a family chore list for the refrigerator. They are things that need to get done every night. Things like: unload dishwasher, scoop litter box, Sarah's homework, brush kids teeth, empty trash, etc.  Hubby likes lists, so I hope this one works.

I have menu planned things that are easy for him to cook. When I am able, I will prep all the food before leaving for work, as I will usually start at 5pm. Tomorrow is different, because I have to go to work earlier for training.

I am so grateful for having part time work. Hopefully it will be the answer to our prayers. We just have to stay focused on the end goal.

Wish Hubby luck this week. Hee hee.