Friday, January 23, 2015

Vitamin Deficiencies

I have posted a million times about wanting to lose weight. In the moment I was all ambitious and sure that I was going to climb a mountain and accomplish what I hadn't done before. I was going to eat perfectly and get to the gym every day for an hour. Then nothing happened. I didn't go Paleo. I didn't become a Gym Rat. I became depressed. Days became more and more difficult. I was taking so many pain meds that it was getting unhealthy. All because I was in so much pain.

I have spoken before about my vitamin deficiencies. I have an extreme deficiency in vitamin D. There is so much research on what it does to the body, that I will have a different blog about that. The truth is, that I had stopped taking my supplements. I was so tired and weak from the deficiencies, that just getting out of bed was a feat. One morning I woke up and it hit me, duh Jenn, you need to get back on your supplements. Within a week I was doing so much better.

Vitamin D wasn't the only thing I started taking. I went back on Biotin for my hair. When you have PCOS, you have hair loss. I went back on B12 to help with energy and immune support. I take an iron pill (my levels are always borderline low). These supplements have made my skin smoother. My mood is more stabilized. I wish I could get all of these from the foods I eat. It is my goal to get as close as possible, For now, I am taking them so that I feel well enough to try.

Reflecting on what has worked in the past for me (in terms of losing weight), I discovered something. I discovered that it isn't about losing weight. It is truly about becoming healthy. Finding out what your body needs and fulfilling that need. If you are having issues, go and get a physical. Find out what your numbers are. See if there is something you are deficient in, that is causing you pain. We spend so much of our time covering up symptoms with drugs, that we don't try to find out the reason for them.

So for those of you who have been keeping up with this blog, it is in a transitional stage. I will be focusing more on the whole body wellness. Not covering up problems. Not ignoring them. But trying to find natural ways to be well and healthy. I might throw in a financial tid-bit or two...but for now, lets find a way to be well, together.